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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Good to see some people are actually getting to this site & downloading the music. I've been away for a few weeks but now I'm back & plan on posting some more music.. Once I get into the swing of things I'll try to be posting at least one entry per week. BTW, any suggestions on good places on the web to promote this here blog would be appreciated. I haven't quite figured this blogging thing out yet.

upcoming entries include
- Alvin Curran - Fiori Chiari (Amazing 2nd solo LP from Curran, released in the mid 70s)
- Ingram Marshall - The Fragility Cycles
- Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
- David Rosenboom & Don Buchla - Collaboration in Performance
- Fred Rzewski - Plays Rzewski, Braxton & Eisler


Blacklodge said...

have linked you via my blog, hope that helps, keep up the good work.

Todd said...

any chance of still seeing that rzewski record?

Aaron said...

If I get a chance, I'll see about the Rzewski.